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Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Send email to . I use GPG/OpenPGP to encrypt sensitive email. My public key for encryption is located here, at your favorite public keyserver such as pgp.mit.edu, and at Keybase.io. My PGP fingerprint is 7C07 382B 55C2 2F09 6EA2 3616 3DAD 1B7E E17A 9A77.


I may be reached by telephone at 918-791-1000. This number also accepts SMS text messages, and features voice messaging services provided by Google Voice.


P.O. Box 451467
Grove, OK  74345


I use erictinney@xabber.org for contact on platforms using Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).

OTR encryption is available for securing messages when using XMPP, is easy to implement, and its use is recommended for any confidential communication using this protocol. My OTR fingerprint on my primary mobile device is 6FF6C2B7 2BD9EA6B D93ACA9A 3B50EE50 C835A098.


For for messaging, voice, and video calling on Google's platform, I use the address erictinney@gmail.com.

None of Google's products should ever be considered private or secure, as no conversation in any of its products are end-to-end encrypted. (You and another user may still have end-to-end encrypted text messaging if you both use OTR, but that will depend on the clients you're both using, and Google doesn't offer it.) You should also know that Google collects a plethora of data about you anytime you use their services, which could be sold for profit or subject to interception by subpoena, warrant, or data breach at any time, without your knowledge.


Noone likes the thought of their private conversations being monitored. I no longer use any Microsoft product, including Skype, because documents freed by Edward Snowden have proven Microsoft products to be insecure and actively engineered for interception by entities other than the intended recipient. I find that to be an unacceptable business model.

For general communication, I would prefer to use IRC or Discord, even though those mediums are not secure, either. If you want to set up an IRC or Discord chat, please contact me by another method to set it up, unless you already know what servers I'm usually on and what nick I use. Again, keep in mind that neither of these methods are secure.

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